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The world of Final Fantasy VII is melded with our world. The towns in the game still exist, as does Shinra Power Electric Company, but they were not the ones who funded the Jenova project: the government did. Imagine being in a world where your government turns their people into monsters to win wars. Imagine the company hired to create these monsters is also killing the world slowly by stealing its energy, taking the Lifestream as a source of energy. And there has been an unexpected counter action with the Jenova cells: certain SOLDIERS have been condemed to death, the Jenova cells in their body slowly killing them from the inside.

Things from our world (i.e. movies and songs) are allowed to be mentioned. There is only one catch to the story: the main characters (i.e. Cloud, Aeris, Tifa) are supposed to be high school aged. Does that mean they are in high school? No, they don't have to be, they can be if you want them to be.

We are going to try to keep the age difference similar. For example if Cloud is 18, Sephiroth can't be 20 because we know there was a bigger age difference than that between them. The only exception will be Yufffie because if Cloud is 18 she would be 13. She can be made old enough to be in high school.

eastmid_high is the name of the community only because the high school will be called East Midgar High and will be the high school for all the local towns, like a regional school.


1) NO tYpInG lIkE tHiS.

2) You must be a member to post here, so please join before you apply for a character.

3) You must apply for a character and be accepted before you can post as them.

4) No playing supreme being. For example you can't type something like, "Sephiroth kills Cloud and laughs hysterically over his dead body.” nor can you type, "Sephiroth greatly wounds Cloud, making him unable to fight for while." You may injure another character but the injured party gets to decide how severely they are injured. This also means you cannot make yourself automatically best friends with someone or dating someone. You can say you lived across the street from them or something to that effect.

5) No hatred is allowed. No homophobia or heterophobia is allowed. You may hate a character but that is all.

6) Be kind to other people here. Typos do happen in the real world and as long as their entries can still be made sense of that is fine. Having trouble reading it? Post a small message OC to ask them to clarify.

7) Check the list of characters to see who is available before applying.

8) You must fill out the application entirely.

9) Please put "Limit Break" in the subject line so I know you read the rules.

10) If you have a problem with any of my rules feel free to leave

11) If the posts are going go get adult please continue the post at eastmid_smut and post a link to it where the story line began.

12) If you have any problems contact the moderator. (aka jude_rayne)

Available Characters

Aeris Gainsborough

Cid Highwind

Barret Wallace

Marlene Wallace

Red XIII/Nanaki

Cait Sith/Reeve




Four Original Characters

Taken Character

Check out _rpg_anonymous_ if you get a chance.