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OOC [Jun. 13th, 2006|06:46 pm]
East Midgar High


*sigh* After talking to one of the other RPers (and looking back at posts after speaking to said RPer) I would have to agree with what I was told and say this: I apologize for Jude being an annoying pushy bitch muse. She was flat out rude and annoying (try having her inside your head -_-) and unfortunately I had no control over her actions- despite numerous times when I tried to alter her, as weird as that sounds. She was a very strong presence and quite frankly never shut up when I didn't do what she said. Annoying little muse which I am happy is gone.

Anyway, I am aware that she effected (negatively) the RPing of other muns and I apologize for that. It was not my (though maybe hers) intention to do so, and once again I apologize.