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OOC [Jun. 13th, 2006|06:46 pm]
East Midgar High

*sigh* After talking to one of the other RPers (and looking back at posts after speaking to said RPer) I would have to agree with what I was told and say this: I apologize for Jude being an annoying pushy bitch muse. She was flat out rude and annoying (try having her inside your head -_-) and unfortunately I had no control over her actions- despite numerous times when I tried to alter her, as weird as that sounds. She was a very strong presence and quite frankly never shut up when I didn't do what she said. Annoying little muse which I am happy is gone.

Anyway, I am aware that she effected (negatively) the RPing of other muns and I apologize for that. It was not my (though maybe hers) intention to do so, and once again I apologize.
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Backlog. [Jun. 8th, 2006|01:28 am]
East Midgar High

[music |Poe - Control]

Who: Vincent, Yuffie, Kisaragi family
What: General outrage.
When: Morning after a certain post.
Where: Midgar; Kisaragi Dojoj
Warnings: It's a morning in the Casa De Kisaragi; swearing, violence, outrage, butcher knives, het.

don't you mess with a little girl's dreams - cos she's liable to grow up - meanCollapse )
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OOC [Jun. 8th, 2006|12:20 am]
East Midgar High


*sigh* I hate to say it but I may have to drop this RP. Just so everyone knows it is not because of anyone or anything on the RP. It has to do with me and problems with me right now and other RPs I am on and work and family stress.

For now I am not going to be able to post any more.

Maybe in time I can come back.

I will mod.

Sorry guys. :(
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[Junon]- Passing By [Jun. 4th, 2006|12:00 am]
East Midgar High
Who: Sadie, Reno
When: The day after the date
Where: Reno's office
What: Conversation and such
Warnings?: No, not really.

She was bored again, wandering the mansion in search of something to do.

With a tired sigh, she passed countless doors along the hallway, until she came to one that was slightly open. She peeked inside to see Reno at his desk.

"Hey there" she said with a grin, "You busy?"
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[Junon] Operation Date [Jun. 3rd, 2006|01:55 am]
East Midgar High

Who: Reno and Sadie
Where: Rufus Manson/Junon Playhouse
When: 6pm
Warnings: Maybe some romance

Reno strolled down the east wing of the mansion. In his hands were two tickets to loveless, the hottest show in the country. He cleaned his good suit and bought some new body smell crap that one of the TURKS said to buy. Reno knocked on the door, "Excuse me! Sadie Graham! You are wanted for questioning by order of Rufus of Shin-Ra!"
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(no subject) [Jun. 3rd, 2006|12:56 am]
East Midgar High

Who: Oni soldiers, Shin-Ra SOLDIER/grunts
When: 11:46 P.M.
Where: Junon subdocks
What: A raid
Warnings? A skirmish?

The Junon harbor was nearly silent if it wasn't for the occasional plane taking off or landing from the airfield. Of course there was your usual person or too sitting out near the wall having a smoke as they stared up at the night sky. Among those people would be the Shin-Ra military as they stood guard along the docks and the upper city of Junon.

The subdocks were no different as they sat around drinking coffee and or smoking as they watched for any suspicious behavior along the docks. Some of them were playing poker or talking quietly among each other as they waited for their relief watch.
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[Junon]- Wandering the Halls [Jun. 2nd, 2006|02:10 am]
East Midgar High
Who: Just Sadie and Reno
When: Two days after a very awkward event
Where: Rufus' Mansion in Junon
What: More conversation?
Warnings?: No clue...

Sadie felt good enough, not to mention brave enough, to wander the East Wing where she was being kept. As long as she kept quiet, she doubted anyone would stop her anyway.

She was looking around at the various things that lined the hallway, artwork mostly, and didn't notice that a certain Turk was heading her way.

The result was that she ran into him...literally...and it wasn't the first time she had done that either.
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[Junon] Fourth Guest Room, East wing [May. 31st, 2006|11:36 pm]
East Midgar High

Who: Just Reno and Sadie
Where: Rufus's mansion
Warnings: A whole lot of them

Reno stepped up the stairs to the east wing and walked to the last door in the hall. In his sweetest voice he knocked, "House Keeping!"
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[Junon]- Recovery [May. 31st, 2006|03:24 am]
East Midgar High
Who: Sadie, Kadaj (Jude and/or Rufus?)
When: Little over a week since the attack
Where: Rufus' Mansion in Junon
What: Getting better day by day
Warnings?: Can't say...

She was taking slow steps across the room, testing her muscles to make sure they didn't atrophy. The pain was beginning to fade into a dull ache, but it was still noticable.

ConcernCollapse )
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[Junon]- With the Enemy [May. 31st, 2006|01:40 am]
East Midgar High
Who: Sadie, Kadaj (maybe Jude or Rufus?)
When: A few days after the attack
Where: Rufus' home in Junon
What: Still recovering, but more awake
Warnings?: Could be...?

They were still in that room...Collapse )
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